Intelligent provident fund investment for a safe future

Networked value creation functions at several levels, such as your future-orientated participation in investments at international level

Access to the most important financial markets

Are you thinking of optimal performance? Nothing comes closer than VDV AG, your key to the most important European financial markets. Each financial market has specific conditions that make an individual orientation possible. VDV AG gives you access to these markets via selected partnerships and products.

Liechtenstein as a financial centre

Liechtenstein has a tradition as a renowned economic and financial centre that goes back over 30 years, especially in the development of customer-orientated offers by banks and insurance companies.

In close cooperation with the international community, the focus has been on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, which has resulted in the establishment of Liechtenstein as a financial centre with the highest possible international standards. By setting up an integrated system for the supervision of its financial markets, client interests are optimally protected in Liechtenstein.

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